Steinert, born and bred in Lanzarote, Canary Islands, also known as Carlos Roland , has a great variety of music styles giving him a unique edge, all of which have their own definition and of course try to keep in line with the new incredible melodies that are breaking through in the ever evolving industry that we find ourselves in!

You will find that he is recognised as a diverse producer/ DJ and has a reputation for being “innovative” and extremely creative with his tracks.

Steinert started out as most producers do: DJ’ing and making his way up through the underground scene, playing and organizing numerous events, he also went on to host his own Radio show with a great following from fellow “house lovers”.

It wasn’t long before Steinert was one of the most influential and “talked about” DJ’s in the canaries winning awards for “best DJ” amongst others. Steinert was a regular at pretty much all the Local bars and clubs in the canaries and soon to be in clubs across Europe. Having played in Marbella, UK, Canaries and Ibiza he wanted to be more than just your average DJ.

Steinert then went on to Study at Chichester uni in the UK and got a degree in Music/ production and sound engineering. It’s safe to say that Steinert and Carlos Roland are the heart and soul of WhiteCrab!

Steinert, también conocido como Carlos Roland, es un artista de Lanzarote que produce una gran variedad de estilos musicales con referencias a múltiples estilos y músicas experimentales, todo ello por supuesto sin dejar atrás la actualidad, los sonidos modernos y las increíbles melodías que le avalan desde hace décadas. De él siempre han dicho que es un productor con muchas posibilidades y con mucha creatividad.

Steinert comenzó desde muy temprana edad pinchando en los mejores locales de las Islas Canarias y tras organizar sus propios eventos musicales y ejercer de locutor en diferentes emisoras de radio, acabo paseándose por las cabinas de djs de Marbella, Inglaterra, Madrid o Ibiza.

Quiso ser el creador de su propia música y finalmente acabo estudiando tecnología musical e ingeniería de audio en Inglaterra y Madrid respectivamente. Es junto con Carlos Roland la seña de identidad del sello WhiteCrab Records.

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